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Ukulele Is The New Black

Aug 26, 2018

Today’s chat is with Narelle and Marina, aka the Demented Ukeholics.  They play a few songs:

“Getting Old” – The Demented Ukeholics

“I’m a Reader” – The Demented Ukeholics, adapted from “I’m a Believer” by Neil Diamond (originally performed by The Monkees)

“Going to Play our Ukey Now” – the Demented Ukeholics

“Give Ukes a Chance” – the Demented Ukeholics, adapted from “Give Peace A Chance” by John Lennon

And the BlueMUGS played “Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again” by The Angels

Don’t miss this video of Narelle and Marina's appearance on Sunrise:
The Demented Ukeholics on Sunrise

You can hear more of their music on their YouTube channel and keep in touch with them on their Facebook page.

And here are a few links to things we discussed in the podcast:

The BlueMUGS

Clarendon Tavern

The Hilarious World of Depression - Therapeutic Ukuleles

The music played in this episode is licenced under a Podcasts (Featured Music) agreement with APRA AMCOS.