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Ukulele Is The New Black

Oct 6, 2019

Today’s episode is the last of three which I recorded at the 2019 Central Coast Ukulele and Folk Festival.  Cathy Welsford and Angie Smith are the Wild Women of Anywhere Beach, an incredibly talented duo who frequently perform, run workshops, and write fantastic songs.  I really enjoyed my chat with these two!  If you want to buy their CD, you can do that here, or you can stream it in the usual places.

Some show-related links below:

 Songs played in this episode:

  • Reclaiming the Night for Peace (Cathy Welsford & Angie Smith)
  • On My Verandah (Cathy Welsford & Angie Smith)
  • The Real Matilda (Cathy Welsford & Angie Smith)
  • Go Home to your Mother
  • In the Mood (Wingy Manone. Andy Razaf, Joe Garland)
  • Older Ladies (Donnalou Stevens)

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Go to the Ukulele Is The New Black YouTube channel for a playlist to hear these songs as well as others mentioned in the episode.

Ukulele is the New Black is produced by Meredith Harper, who also wrote the theme tune. The theme tune was performed by Meredith Harper, Jasmine Fellows, Geoff Skellams and Jim Croft.  Seb Carraro does the graphic design.

The music played in this episode is licenced under a Podcasts (Featured Music) agreement with APRA AMCOS.