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Ukulele Is The New Black

Feb 24, 2019

Welcome back to season 2 – please enjoy this chat with ukulele player and all-round nice guy Paul Marsh, the first I have ever recorded in a winery cellar.  And it’s a very nice winery too – if you’d like some delicious wines, food and a bit of live music you can visit Contentious Character winery, located around a half-hour drive from Canberra.

Some other things mentioned in the show:

The Shadies, who appear not to have an online presence – this was all I could find

Lunchulele at Smith's Alternative

Paul Marsh & Kate Ord’s duo is Poetry in Motion

If you want to learn more about Mary Bryant, here’s a link to the Wikipedia entry


Home Town (Paul Marsh)

Sailing Away (Paul Marsh)

The music played in this episode is licenced under a Podcasts (Featured Music) agreement with APRA AMCOS.