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Ukulele Is The New Black

Sep 9, 2018

I had a fantastic chat with Cameron Murray at the Central Coast Ukulele and Folk Festival in August 2018.  He plays:

“The Window Cleaner” – George Formby, Harry Gifford and Frederick E. Cliffe (1936)

“Haleiwa” – Cameron Murray

Also, the Ukulele Republic of Canberra plays “Walking after Midnight” by Alan Block & Donn Hecht (1956)

And here are a few more links to things we discussed in the podcast:

George Formby Society

Kamuke Magazine

Cameron talks about Kamuke

Balmain Ukulele Klub

Central Coast Ukulele and Folk Festival

SSCUM - St George and Sutherland Community of Ukulele Musicians

The music played in this episode is licenced under a Podcasts (Featured Music) agreement with APRA AMCOS.