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Ukulele Is The New Black

Nov 18, 2018

Multi instrumentalist, arranger and recording artist A.J. Leonard is one of Australia's pioneer ukulele players and is regarded to be among the best in the world.

Songs played by A.J. in the podcast (and with Jenny Rowlands in the Christmas medley) are:

  • Meet Me In Hawaii (A.J. Leonard)
  • Barefoot With My Baby (A.J....

Nov 4, 2018

Miriam Miley-Read plays and sings with trad-Dixieland jazz band Zackerbilks.  I had a great chat to her at Smith’s Alternative in Canberra.

Miriam and I both LOVE our Cordoba ukuleles – and if you’re interested, here is mine.

Miriam mentioned an appearance at Artsound FM, a Canberra community radio station.